Monday, January 31, 2011

Definition of Cerebral Palsy vs Chromosomal Syndrome for Children with Special Needs

Recently I was sitting in a meeting regarding a special needs child, when one of the professionals in the meeting asked for the child's diagnosis.  A couple of people responded 'cerebral palsy' a couple of people didn't think that was the case.  

I didn't think that was the case because the boy was 11 years old and the size of a 5 year old.  When we checked the file we realized he was diagnosed 'Mosaic Down's Syndrome.'  

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Disability Doll

Down Syndrome Dolls White Girl
Take a look at the doll in the picture. What do you see? You'll probably notice almost immediately that its face is not as “regular” as the rosebud-mouthed, snub-nosed dolls that come as standard in toy shops. But if you picked it up and examined it more closely, you'd see that they are not the only features that you don't find on a “normal” doll: a horizontal crease in the palm of the hand, the ears set low on the head, a flattened bridge across the nose, a slightly protruding tongue.

Other Developmental Disorders

The following information was found at  Please comment at the end to share personal stories regarding these various syndromes!

Although developmental and behavioral disorders are increasingly widespread, they are still poorly understood by most of society. The lack of knowledge is further compounded by the stigma that often accompanies a diagnosis of a developmental or behavioral disorder. Parents and physicians can educate themselves and others about the range of disorders, as well as the opportunities for treatment and intervention. Whether a child has a developmental delay or disorder, early identification and intervention are essential for achieving the best possible outcome.
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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

How to tie your shoes one handed

Living With One hand: Life with Cerebral Palsy

10 of the hardest things for me to do one handed:

1) Peel potatoes
2) Cut tomatoes
3) Cut raw meat
4) Shave my right armpit
5) Cut out any picture with sharp or rounded edges
6) Put my hair in a tight pony tail
7) Cut my fingernails
8) Sew on a button
9) Opening canned foods
10) Pulling heavy pot out of oven/Bringing large boiling pot to sink to drain
As you may see, most tasks that are challenging for me are in the kitchen, but I found a few simple tools that have transformed my life in small yet powerful ways.
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Sunday, January 16, 2011

Universal Design-ADA Kitchen Cabinets

Designing a kitchen for wheelchair accessibility requires proper turn radii, appliances, flooring etc. but what about cabinets? What do you choose standard cabinets, universal design cabinets, automated cabinets?

Where do you get universal cabinets?

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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Study Indicates Increased Rate of Autism with Closely Spaced Pregnancies

A study published in the February issue of Pediatrics, suggests that babies born close together may triple the risk of autism in the second child.  The researchers hypothesize that the first pregnancy may deplete critical nutrients such as folate and iron, and the mother may also be more stressed during the second pregnancy. 

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Independent Living For People With Disabilities Gets $7.5 Million Boost

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Nearly 1,000 Americans with disabilities will be able to leave institutions and move into the community, federal officials said Thursday, thanks to a first-of-its-kind initiative providing both housing assistance and support services.

The program is the result of a unique partnership between the Department of Housing and Urban Development and the Department of Health and Human Services. Together the agencies will provide $7.5 million worth of rental assistance vouchers in addition to health care and support services to ensure that community living is truly possible.

How do you find ADA Skid Resistant Tile for Accessible Bathrooms or Kitchens?

How do you find skid resistant tile?  First what is skid resistant tile?  Skid resistance is measured via a coefficient of friction scale.
Coefficient of Friction: Wet/Dry 

The skid resistance scale is used to determine the degree of slippage on a tiled surface. While assessing different tile surfaces, wet and dry conditions along with the speed of the subject are monitored. Also, the required force to move that subject and the angle of the tiled place are considered too. The Ceramic Tile Institute identifies tile in the following three categories: 
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Review of Ceramic Tile Types and Facts-ADA Flooring/Tiles.

There are two major types of tile that can be used for wall tile, mosaic tiles and floor tile.
·       Quarry tile: that is tile that is made by extrusion from natural clay or shale.
·       Tile that is made by the pressed dust method.
Glaze is a ceramic surfacing material that is used to provide a certain appearance, any ceramic tile type may be glazed or unglazed. This includes porcelain tiles. 

The water absorption determines the classification of tile. How can a tile absorb water, you ask? It is a dense body of minerals that is heated to a high temperature and is not like a sponge. The answer is that it can. One dries a tile then weighs it, soaks it in water and then measures it again. The weight change represents the % of water absorbed. (Weight after soaking minus weight when dry divided by weight when dry is % water absorption.)
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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Special Needs Kids and Genetic Mutations

Following is an article I found on emagazine.  I am always interested in genetics since so many of the kids I work with have genetic mutations.  I had never given any thought to this aspect of genetics. 
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