Monday, August 6, 2012

New Multisensory Room/Snoezeleon Company-Fun Factory Sensory Gym

Custom Large Clinic

Custom Medium Clinic

Custom Snoezelen Rooms

Corner of a Custom Bedroom Gym
Custom School Gym
Custom School Gym in use
Custom School Gym
Custom School Gym
Custom School Gym in use

Custom School Gym - Ball Pit

Custom Snoezelen Room

Custom Clinic - Medium

Custom Clinic - Medium

Custom Garage Gym

Custom Garage Gym

Custom Medium Clinic

Children Enjoying A Medium Custom Clinic

Custom Rock Wall in Medium Clinic


Fun Factory Sensory Gym.

Fun Factory Sensory Gym LLC is the premiere custom therapeutic sensory gym design and installation company serving the whole US.  With flexible budgeting, financing, and payment plans, FFSG has the ability to create the most comprehensive designs for schools, clinics, homes, and more.  We take your therapeutic treatment needs and turn them into successful sessions with your clients, no matter the size or budget! Our custom gyms are great for working with people of all ages with all different therapy needs.

Our Mission.

Fun Factory Sensory Gym's mission is to create a therapeutic sensory gym based on your needs, your budget, and the size of your space.  We want everyone to enjoy therapy and progress rapidly, which is what our custom therapeutic sensory gyms will accomplish. 

Popular Therapeutic Sensory Gym Qualities:

  • Ladders
  • Trapeze Bars
  • Platform Swings
  • Jungle Gym (Monkey Bars)
  • Zip Line
  • Custom Storage Unit
  • Relaxation Corners/Booths
  • Fine Motor areas with built in fold up table
  • Balance Beam
  • Ball Pit
  • Steps
  • Slides
  • Scooter Ramp
  • Landing Decks
  • Swings 
  • Benches/Sitting
  • Rockers
  • Rock Wall
  • Castle Structures
  • Sensory Textured ramps

Additional Positive Attributes of a Custom Gym:

  • Increased usable floor space
  • Multiple treats can be performed at the same time
  • Changes are easily made at low costs (location change, change in your treatment needs, updates to gym, etc.)
  • Do not need to pay for complete set up
  • Storage units for all equipment help treatments run more smoothly
  • Color Match Technology to add the perfect touches to the atmosphere of your treatment area
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