Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Hello World!

Today is the beginning of something big. A tool into your hands to inspire, educate, encourage. A reminder that you are not alone, that people around the world are asking your same questions: What do I do with my child who  doesn’t eat? doesn’t sleep? can’t handle when I hug them? What am I going to do with my autistic child when they are all grown up? and so much more… This is a place where you can ask your questions, where you can steal ideas from others. Where you can think out loud…
Growing up with Cerebral Palsy wasn’t the easiest thing or the most fun thing… but it might have been the best thing. I have often told people in the past that I think everyone in the world should have had a little CP, it taught me that I am not always able to be independent; I cannot be totally dependent; but that we are truly interdependent. That there is nothing wrong with failing at something the first time.  My motto is actually, “everything goes better the second time around”. My mom would always tell me, “You are only handicapped if you believe you are”.
Granted, I still have limits – sure…. those limitations do not become my identity, or do not define my level of joy in this life. I still have full joy.
And I am here to offer hope.
This blog is here to tell you that you are not alone. We all are trying to figure out the answers to our questions like:
Where does my child with development delays go when they are grown up?
What can I do to make sure my child with CP is reaching the appropriate milestones
or maybe,
My child won’t eat!  What do I do?
What are your questions?  What are your thoughts?

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