Friday, November 12, 2010

Behavioral techniques for difficult children

Sometimes it seems like no matter what you do, he never listens.  So, what do the experts say?  What are the tricks to handle an ADHD child?  Is there a formula, a magic ingredient? 

Although there is no “one size fits all” technique to curb poor behaviors… there are some alternatives to try - - - let me know which techniques you’ve tried… which ones work and which ones don’t???


The Reward System:This can either be a negative or positive reinforcement.   A negative reinforcement would mean – taking away an enjoyed item.  A positive reinforcement would mean – a sticker chart (or something else rewarding) when the child behaves in an appropriate manner.  Depending on the child determines which system is most effective, these systems have proven to be successful… but the vital part to make it work is CONSISTANCY

  • -       Make chores a game… turn tasks into a competition such as, “who can pick the most toys up the fastest”
  • -       Distraction!
  • -       Acknowledge and reinforce acceptable behavior.
  • -       Apply established consequences immediately, fairly and consistently.
  • -       Avoid confrontation and power struggles.
  • -       Clearly post rules and expectations.
  • -       Establish a quiet cool off area.
  • -       Provide and teach opportunities for the student to use self control/self monitoring techniques to control behavior.
  • -       Teach “self talk” to relieve stress and anxiety.
  • -       Teach and provide time for relaxation techniques.
  • -       Establish cues as reminders for inappropriate behavior.
  • -       Redirect to avoid situations that may increase anxiety levels.
  • -       Remain calm and aware of your body language when addressing the student.
  • -       Provide a positive and encouraging classroom environment.
  • -       Use a study carrel.
  • -       Use visually stimulating material for assignments/learning presentations.
  • -       Use specialized technology and software.
  • -       Develop and use behavior contracts.
  • -       Give frequent feedback.
What about at your house?  What techniques have you found helpful or are you trying in your family?

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