Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Wheel chair for High/Low Tone

activeA vendor came in today and mentioned a type of wheelchair that I have never seen before. The features of the chair allow a child with high or low tone movement.  

 I was wondering if any one reading this has seen this chair in action and can tell me if they like it or not?

Click "read more" to learn about features for this chair and others like it...

The chair is called: "KidROCK" and it is a configurable rehab tilt in space push chair 
available with the REACTION™ Dynamic Seating System

Features of Kids ROCK™ with 
REACTION™ Dynamic Seating:
The Kids ROCK Chair with REACTION™ Dynamic Seatingallows the child to stretch at the hips and knees while maintaining proper postural alignment. When the child relaxes, they return to the proper position. Spring tension can be added if additional resistance is needed. Numerous accessories and options are available to fit the child and provide positioning support and freedom of movement.

• Twist handle to open or lock active feature. 
• Adjustable range of movement and level of active resistance.
• Easy knee lock for multiple fixed knee angles 

tiltTilt in Space: The ROCK Chair rotates around a point near the center of gravity providing stability and keeping the chair low to the ground

Easy adjustability: One tool adjustability for growth and positioning components.

folding back canesDynamic suspension: Built in shock absorbers. Range of movement and motion resistance are adjustable. 

Folds for transport: Back cane folds down and rear wheels have quick release pins
Multiple positioning components: Accommodates many positioning options from a variety of manufacturers

 Any thoughts??? Please share... 

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