Monday, May 16, 2011

Michigan Medicaid Reaches an Agreement with Wright and Flippis

Good news!!  We just heard Wright and Flippis just worked out a deal with Michigan Medicaid and will now start servicing Medicaid clients!!

It has been a couple of months since Wright and Flippis and Carelinc quit taking Michigan Medicaid because Medicaid was paying just above cost for equipment.  Equipment being wheelchairs, bath chairs, standers, etc.  'Cost' being the actual price vendors such as Wright and Flippis could purchase equipment.

The reimbursement Medicaid was paying plus all of the documentation and labor involved in procuring equipment then reimbursement for services being so low forced many of the smaller durable medical equipment (DME) companies out of business 5 years ago.

Today we found out Wright and Flippis has come to an agreement with Medicaid and is now accepting Medicaid clients once again!!  I don't know if Medicaid made an agreement with just Wright and Flippis or an across the board decision.  I'll keep you updated as I learn more....

Anyone else hear anything?

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