Thursday, July 7, 2011

Access Travel Ireland: Special Needs Kids Disabled Travel via Bus

In Ireland the least expensive mode of public transportation is via bus.  The train system seems to be tolerable but 3-4 times more expensive then the bus so I was told by several native Irish.  So most of my public transit in Ireland was via bus.

The regulations for accessibility on buses in Ireland per the 'Translink Access Guide 2010' are as follow:

Accessible buses can be single or double deck vehicles. Accessible buses have the following features:
• Low-floors with kneeling facility and ramped access;
• Non slip surfaces on floors;
• Colour contrasting materials inside and out;
• Highly visible route information on the front, side and rear;
• Good handrail provision inside the bus;
• Dedicated space for one wheelchair user; and
• Five other priority seats for the use of disabled people.

All our accessible buses are designed to accommodate wheelchair users whose chair is up to 700mm wide, 1200mm long and 1350mm high. If your chair (or powered mobility scooter) is not within these measurements you will have difficulty using the bus.

While in Ireland I traveled on three bus lines; Aircoach (Dublin to Waterford), a yellow shuttle bus in Waterford, and a Gobus (Dublin to Galway.)  See next posts for accessibility for each bus line.

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