Thursday, January 26, 2012

Autism and Special Needs Furniture

I just discovered this site on special needs furniture.  
This furniture looks as though it would be a great choice 
for positioning and calming for someone with special needs.  

This furniture is a great sensory integration tool for someone 
with autism spectrum disorder or attention deficit disorder.


Disabled at 16 in an auto accident and left 
paralyzed on the left side of my body, 
I needed special comfort and support 
other furniture just couldn’t offer. 
While attending the University of Oregon 
I decided to design a new type of chair,
one which employed specially cut foam 
to create this type of support and relief. 
As time went on more and more people 
saw my first chair and wanted one of 
their own, which lead to the creation 
of Robb’s Pillow Furniture in 1973.

As the business developed, demand 

for new and different types of pillow 
furniture grew. This in turn lead to 
the birth of a wide variety of pillow 
furniture; everything from pillow chairs,
to “raindrop” chairs, to pillow beds, 
massage sets, pet beds, and more!

What sets our furniture apart from other 
designers is the unique engineering that goes 
into the support system in our furniture. The 
process begins by applying a one of a 
kind cutting method for the polyurethane 
foam that acts as the backbone for our 
furniture. This patented process cuts 
the foam into specific multi-sided dimensions, 
creating air spaces around the pieces that 
gives a loft of comfort as well as a 
“zero pressure point” feel. We don't add any
additional chemicals to any of our products, 
and the foam is out-gassed during the 
cutting process, so our furniture works
well for chemically sensitive individuals.
Our furniture is then covered in only the 
highest grade synthetic fabrics to ensure
durability for years of use. Our furniture 
will never go flat because fluffing enriches 
and returns it to its original shape even 
after years of usage. Our furniture can even
be customized for firmness and support to satisfy
any special needs!

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