Monday, March 26, 2012

The New and Improved Hydration Backpack with Drinking Tube Positioning

  Because hydration is so important to good health, Mealtime Partners is emphasizing the use of hands-free drinking systems to facilitate consuming enough liquids for those who are unable to independently take a drink. In last months Newsletter the Front Mounted Drinking System was discussed. To continue providing details about our unique line of drinking products, this month we will describe the Hydration Backpack with Drinking Tube Positioning. Even though this product has been available for some time it was recently updated to include a larger bladder and longer tube positioning capability. Also, the new system has an on/off valve. These changes were made to facilitate the drinking system being accessible to a wider range of users with more diverse positioning and hydration needs. Figure 1 shows the Hydration Backpack with Tube Positioning mounted on a manual wheelchair.
Hydration Backpack with Drinking Tube Positioning
Figure 1 - The Hydration Backpack with Drinking Tube Positioning Attached to a Wheelchair            

The components of the Hydration Backpack with Drinking Tube Positioning are pictured in Figure 2. The backpack is an insulated canvas bag with shoulder straps and a carrying handle at the top. The canvas bag contains a 70-ounce bladder (20 ounces greater capacity than the previous product). A drinking tube extends from the base of the bladder and is enclosed in a slot in the shoulder strap of the backpack. At the end of the drinking tube is the bite valve assembly which contains an on/off valve and a bite valve. The opening in the bite valve opens to release liquid when it is pressed with lips or teeth.
The Hydration Backpack with Drinking Tube Positioning
Figure 2 - Components of the Hydration Backpack with Drink Tube Positioning
The backpack can be mounted on the back of a wheelchair. If the wheelchair has handles the shoulder straps are looped over the handles and the backpack rests behind the seat and is relatively flat and unobtrusive (as shown in Figure 1). If the wheelchair does not have handles (like some power wheelchairs) the backpack can be attached to the wheelchair using the handle on the top of the bag and looping it over the Wheelchair Clamp once it is attached to the wheelchair frame. Additional mounting instructions for wheelchairs without handles, and for use with a bed, are included later in this article.
... Follow this link to purchase a Hydration Backpack with Drinking Tube Positioning. If you have additional questions about the Hydration Backpack with Drinking Tube Positioning, please email Mealtime Partners at questions about drinking systems, or call us at 800-996-8607. We will be happy to discuss whether this drinking system will be able to meet the needs of a specific user.
Did You Know? Did you know that you can stop a straw from floating by using the tab on a can after the can is opened? Have you ever noticed that if you put a straw into can of soda that it floats? This isn’t a problem if you are able to hold it in place while you take a drink but is a problem for those who are unable to use their hands to hold and position a straw.

To hold a straw in a can of soda, bend the tab that is used to open the can over the open hole of the can. Slot the straw through the hole in the tab. This provides a snug fit for the straw and once the straw is inserted through the hole, it will remain in place. Rotate the can to position the straw so that the user can drink from the straw without significant head movement. (See picture below.)

Can of Coke in Cup Holder
Straw held in place by the Can's tab.
The Mealtime Partner Dining System  
Child using the Mealtime Partner  
The Mealtime Partner Dining System can be positioned to meet the specific needs of each user. The user does not have to adjust their position to eat using the device because the Partner’s flexible mounting systems permit positioning to fit the user's needs, making mealtimes a comfortable, relaxed experience, with the user positioned safely for eating.

The Mealtime Partner empowers its user to eat what they want, when they want it.

The Mealtime Partner Dining System is quick and easy to learn and has no complicated programming requirements. Each Dining System comes with a complete training video on DVD so new users and caregivers can learn to use it in just a few minutes.

For more information about the Mealtime Partner Dining System, please visit
Mealtime Partners website. There is no other assistive dining system that meets the needs of the users, like the Mealtime Partner.

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