Thursday, December 9, 2010

Standing Wheelchair

A standing wheelchair

Yesterday we put a very energetic young man with severe cognitive and physical developmental disabilities in a standing wheelchair.  As soon as the breaking mechanisms were loosed, this young gentleman sprung to his feet – literally!  A big smile spread across his face with the realization that he could stand up himself for the first time!

How does the standing wheelchair work?
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The manual SuperStand Standing Wheelchair is truly unique. With simple raise levers and gas cylinders, its patented standing mechanism can be engaged in less than three (3) seconds. You can stand anywhere at any time. Custom built for you, the user, the manual SuperStand Standing Wheelchair is both good looking and reliable.

Feature Packed and Easy to Use:
 The manual standing wheelchair comes standard with removable push handles, twin gas cylinders, vinyl coated push rims, and 24" pneumatic spoke rear wheels. Now, add in padded arm rests, padded knee supports, swing-away leg rest (that can flip up to aid in transfer), and you'll see how easy and safe it is to stand up for yourself.

Built Just for You:
 Each manual standing wheelchair is customized to your specific needs. Crafted from lightweight aircraft steel and complete with every accessory necessary to ensure frequent, comfortable standing, you receive a chair that fits. The first time, and every time thereafter.

Features that we love:
  • -       Canvas or vynol material available
  • -       A seat belt for safety
  • -       Individual in w/c is able to stand using their legs or arms
  • -       Safe positioning for sitting & standing
  • -       Safety release
  • -       Has caregiver handles to assist easily with transitions
  • -       Has multiple safety locks
  • -       Able to have manual or power standing w/c
  • -       Strengthens standing muscles with ease
  • -       Promotes better urinary drainage
  • -       Helps improve circulation
  • -       Stretches hamstrings & heel cords
  • -       Helps control spasticity
  • -       Assists in bowel & bladder regularity
  • -       Helps reduce skin breakdown
  • -       Helps to release & prevent contractures
  • -       Exercises the cardiovascular system
  • -       Assists "feeling good"
  • - 

Talk to your therapist and/or Dr to see if it is appropriate for you.  Click here to visit website and receive more information.

Have you seen one before?  Does it work for you?

We are so excited for our little friend to try his out.  Has anyone found that they are not good for various things?  Let us know!!! 

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